About Best Public Insurance Adjuster


About Best Public Insurance Adjuster

The Best Public Adjuster is a public adjuster who fights aggressively on behalf of the policyholder, by determining the real cost of the loss or damage suffered and negotiates the best resolution for the insured. A Public Adjuster represents all stages of the claims process for the insured in order to obtain the best reimbursement for the business or homeowner. D’Orsa and Associates will advocate on your behalf; advising you personally of all negotiations through settlement.

Many Insurance companies subsist to make a profit. When an insurance company pays a claim, they have fewer earnings to give back to themselves and their stock holders. When a lay person, as opposed to a Public Adjuster, negotiates with the insurance company, the insurance companies may tend to manipulate the policyholder’s words enabling them to shut down and deny the claim.  Some insurance companies intimidate the insured into accepting a low reimbursement for their loss, knowing full well the payment is not near enough to appropriately repair or replace the loss.

Our BEST Public Insurance Adjusters are YOUR PRIVATE ADJUSTERS who actually work for you to receive a real and just settlement for your loss. Remember, you have been paying soaring premiums for years!

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Visit one of our other sites at Public Adjuster Florida (http://www.publicadjusterflorida.org/).  We are licensed and serve the entire state of Florida.