Oct 122014

Current Claims
D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjusters are currently working on several insurance claims for distressed policyholders. Families from the north are returning to Florida for the winter and encountering water damage to their homes. A New England family arrived to find a plumbing pipe in the attic had burst and the entire house was flooded. While they were away, not realizing their home had been flooded, mold grew. Insurance companies now usually limit mold coverage to only $10,000.00; and attempt to qualify the entire loss under the mold portion of the policy. But which came first: the mold or the water? There lies the battle a public adjuster is expert at tackling. D’Orsa and Associates estimate the damage to this home is approximately at $126,000.00. However, the insurance company’s estimate is approximately at $30,000.00. While we are confident we will be able to secure close to $126,000.00 for the policyholder to fully recover and become whole again; our public adjusters recommend you check your mold/fungi policy coverage. If you are at $10,000.00 in mold/fungi coverage, you may want to consider increasing your mold/fungi coverage. Check with your insurance agent. Contact D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjusters immediately to help file your insurance claim.

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