Apr 082014

Pet and Dog Damages

We recently received contact from a policy holder needing help filing an insurance claim. Not unusual; Happens all the time. But the client appeared a slightly embarrassed. The couple give details of how their family dog ruined their home! The dog ate their furniture. The owners returned to their residence after night to the movies and dinner. The couple recognized their beloved puppy, Butter, had a slight personality disorder of separation anxiety; but Butter went crazy! The young couple discovered their couch and chair all over the living room…stuffing here, stuffing there, stuffing everywhere. The legs on the kitchen table and chairs were chewed! And, like most crazy puppies, Butter had a few accidents on the floor and the upholstered furniture. The policy holders asked if insurance would cover the claim.

Now, here is the quandary. There are various possibilities. In an HO3 Homeowner’s Insurance Policy, the contents are normally covered and the insured usually has a deductible of a couple hundred dollars. Filing an insurance claim in this occasion might not be worth the nuisance, particularly if the cost of replacing or repairing the furniture is nominal.


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