Feb 062014

Please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. We are currently aiding several policy holders with their respective Insurance claims, helping the insured obtain suitable and just reimbursements to recover from their losses. We are processing damages such as: fire and smoke, broken refrigerator lines, flawed plumbing below the foundation, vandalism and robbery, roof leaks, etc.

Speaking of vandalism or burglary, D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjusters recommends all to be guarded when blogging or posting on social media sites. Do not post before or while you are traveling on vacation or out of town for business! We realize you are excited to take off from work or travel out of town on that much needed fun filled vacation. However, bear in mind, the crooks are also eager as soon as you post your vacations because that is their chance to break-into your home. Brag and post the pictures of your vacation after you return!

Likewise, in the unfortunate event you suffer a burglary or a major waterline bursts and leaks while you are out of town; and you come home to find a huge mess, contact our Best Public Insurance Adjusters to assist you with your insurance claim.

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